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Barem Ambalaj - QUALITY POLICY


As Barem Packaging Industry and Trade Inc. , servicing on Offset Printed  Carton Box and Corrugated Cardboard Box Sector;

  • To enhance customer satisfaction following Worldwide improvements on packaging sector, with Research - Development and Product Development Service
  • To use every means available to be able to work in peaceful and safe environment, by taking into consideration the workers’ job security and social needs
  • To produce proper products to National and International Food Codex, Turkish Food Codex and Standards, in hygienic environment by following technology closely
  • To train educated and experienced employees with providing education in all areas according to International Standards
  • To work with educated and experienced employee in all production process
  • To enhance market share and competitive capacity of our company with applying international quality standards and improving continuously
  • To honor in accordance with the Quality and Food Safety Management System and improve its effectiveness
  • To be a model firm on International Food Safety,  Environmental Consciousness, Job Safety Standards

are Quality and Food Safety Policy of our company.